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Logic Concept introduces high-quality universal laptop car adapter – model LPA-90C. 
Device is compatible with most popular laptop’s brand available on the market. Due to  universal appliance, this product will be appreciate by the users who posses laptops from different brands.

Products at great price!
Often happens that original  adapters break down.  This situation can cost very high because of original adapter’s price.  The advantage LPA-90C is very attractive price what makes it ideal alternative to the adapter offered by the laptop producers.

Product comfortable to use in different conditions
Logic LPA-90C was created to provide maximum comfort during use. Just plug appropriate connector into your laptop, set suitable voltage and after few seconds the power adaptor is ready for operation.  Thanks to its solid construction, LPA-90C power adaptor could be used in almost every different conditions-small size, and low weight is a very convenient and handy for carrying.

Product safe to use
Using of our power adapter Logic LPA-90C, you can be sure that your laptop will be always safe.  In order to maximize your laptop security, our adapter is equipped with protection against:

• Overpower (OH)
• Short-circuit (SC)
• Overcurrent (OC)
• Overheating (OH)


  • compatible with most laptops with different input voltages
  • automatically sets the correct voltage for your notebook
  • efficiency > 87%
  • input: Input: AC 11-15V;
  • output: 12/15/16V- 4.3A 18/19/20V - 3.5A, 24V - 2.9A;
  • safety: (OP) over-power, (OH) over-heat, (SC) short-circuit, (OC) over-current, (OV) over-voltage


 Output Size Compatible laptop brand
 6.5x4.3x1.4mm FUJITSU, SONY,SAMSUNG
 16.0/18.5/19.0/20.0V 5.5*2.5mm Asus,Acer, IMB, Dell, Compaq,Fujitsu, Toshiba, NEC, LITEON, LENOVO
 19.0V 5.5*1.7mm Acer
 19.0V 4.0x1.7mm SONY
 15.0/19.0V 6.3x3.0mm NEC,TOSHIBA,ACER
 19.0V 5.5x2.1mm ACER
 18.5V/19.0V 4.8x1.7 mm ASUS,HP
 22.0V 3.5x 1.35 mm   

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